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CLC2012 Support Package


CLC2012 Support Package is a significantly modified and improved version of the CLC2000 and CLC2006 Support Packages. The CLC2012 software has been developed for Remote Sensing Centre of Hungarian Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (FÖMI), consortium member of European Topic Centre Spatial Information and Analysis (ETC–SIA) in order to help implemen­tation of the European CLC2012 project managed by the European Environment Agency (EEA) within the framework of GMES Initial Operations (GIO).

CLC2012 Support Package is a set of standalone applications developed with Embarcadero Delphi XE2 and TatukGIS Developer Kernel. Thus user does not need to purchase, install and tune any other software to carry out CLC2012 change mapping.

Commonly a GIS software is designed primarily for viewing GIS databases with tools for creating maps, menus for handling databases and graphical editing tools. If software has editing possibilities too, these are general tools, not specialized for individual tasks. On the contrary, CLC2012 Support Package is a specialized, task oriented software tool, that significantly facilitates updating, change detection and mapping, quality control and correction of CORINE land cover databases by means of computer-assisted visual photo­interpretation. Consequently, this software is not applicable for creating, viewing or editing GIS databases in general. For theese purposes one can use any common commercial (e.g. ESRI ArcGIS) or free (e.g. Quantum GIS) software.

CLC2012 Support Package revised and enlarged version downloadable from Eionet Forum homepage.


Professional integrated software development environment for creating applications for arbitrary purposes. Delphi was originally developed by Borland Software Corporation as a rapid application development tool for Windows, based on the Object Pascal programming language. Since 2008 Embarcadero Technologies owns Borland’s developer tools section.
Last versions generate native code for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems, as well as for 32-bit Mac OS X, iOS and Android operating system.


The TatukGIS Developer Kernel is a comprehensive GIS Visual Componenet Library for the custom development of stand-alone, embedded, and client-server applications using object-oriented languages. The Developer Kernel is generally oriented to open standards and designed to comply with a number of OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standards. Features include nearly 3,000 pre-defined coordinate systems, on-the-fly map layer reprojection, support for most vector, image, grid, and SQL database map layer formats, including 3rd party spatial server database formats, most database engines, and an extensive API with approximately 2,300 functions and properties. All data formats are supported in a native manor, so without conversion to any internal or proprietary data format. The Developer Kernel is available as native Delphi/C++Builder Visual Component Library, and is licensed per registered developer therefore is free of deployment royalties in most situations. TatukGIS has good references world-wide.

Schedule of the development

  • 10.11.2011 Preliminary study about the ways of the software development.
  • 22.02.2012 Signature of contract between ETC–SIA consortium and EEA.
  • 26.03.2012 Signature of contract between FÖMI and the author.
  • 01.08.2012 Starting beta test with the main functions.
  • 01.11.2012 Starting final test with the fully operational software.
  • 14.01.2013 Starting software deployment for interested countries and institutions.
  • 15.07.2013 Signature of contract for revised and enlarged version between FÖMI and the author.
  • 26.09.2012 Starting beta test with the revised and enlarged version.
  • 20.11.2013 Starting deployment of the revised and enlarged version 3.1.

About the software

Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing Hungary (FÖMI) is member of the ETC–SIA consortium. Implementation Plan 2012 of the Consortium (agreement reference No 3334/B2012/EEA.54900) appoints FÖMI to undertake the task of developing this software, assigning the development to author.

Copyright Taracsák Gábor 2012–2014 – Hungary
Program development and text: Taracsák, Gábor
English translation: Kosztra, Barbara

  © Photos: Büttner György, Fehér Sándor, Tóth Lajos   © 2012–2014 Taracsák Gábor
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