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CLC2012 Support Package


CLC2012 Support Package is a significantly modified and improved version of the CLC2000 and CLC2006 Support Packages. The CLC2012 software has been developed for Remote Sensing Centre of Hungarian Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (FÖMI), consortium member of European Topic Centre Spatial Information and Analysis (ETC–SIA) in order to help implemen­tation of the European CLC2012 project jointly managed by the European Environment Agency (EEA) within the framework of GMES Initial Operations (GIO).

CLC2012 Support Package is a customized, task-oriented software tool, that significantly facilitates updating, change detection, quality control and correction of CORINE land cover databases by means of computer-assisted visual photointerpretation. This software is therefore not applicable for creating, viewing or editing GIS databases in general. For these purposes one can use any common commercial (e.g. ESRI ArcGIS) or free (e.g. Quantum GIS) software.

Minimum system requirements

  • IBM PC compatible computer,
  • 3 GHz processor,
  • 2 GB RAM,
  • 19" monitor, at least 1280x1024
    pixel resolution,
  • Windows XP or Windows 7
    operating system,


Professional integrated software development environment for creating applications for arbitrary purposes. Delphi was originally developed by Borland Software Corporation as a rapid application development tool for Windows, based on the Object Pascal programming language. Since 2008 Embarcadero Technologies owns Borland’s developer tools section.
Last versions generate native code for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems, as well as for 32-bit Mac OS X, iOS and Android operating system.


The TatukGIS Developer Kernel is a comprehensive GIS Visual Componenet Library for the custom development of stand-alone, embedded, and client-server applications using object-oriented languages. The Developer Kernel is generally oriented to open standards and designed to comply with a number of OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standards.

LUCAS data

LUCAS is an acronim (Land Use/Cover Area frame statistical Survey). Land cover refers to the bio-physical coverage of land (e.g. crops, grass, broad-leaved forest, or build-up area). Land use indicates the socio-economic use of land (e.g. agriculture, forestry, recreation or residential use). Land cover/use data also forms the basis for spatial and territorial analyses which are increasingly crucial for policy planning in many respects.

InterChange for interpreting land cover changes

InterChange program provides a tool for the revision of CLC2006 land cover database and supports the interpretation of land cover changes in order to create the CLC-Change2006–2012 database. The program provides a convenient and easy-to-use interface for editing polygons in CLC2006 and CLC-Change databases, for viewing and modification of polygons data and for finding and correction of errors generated during interpretation and editing. InterChange program was designed specially for revision of existing land cover databases and interpretation of land cover changes. It is not suitable for primary interpretation of satellite images and for building up an independent land cover database.

InterCheck for checking final databases

InterCheck program serves the checking of revised CLC2006 and CLC-Change map. InterCheck program has been prepared primarily for supporting the CLC2012 Technical Team, although national central teams might apply it as a tool for final checking of the completed CLC2012 and CLC-Change databases. InterCheck can be used for checking CLC2012 and CLC-Change databases in many file formats (ESRI shapefile, etc.), i.e. not only those that has been prepared with InterChange.

LUCAS Photo Viewer

LUCAS photo viewer program displays the main data and field photos (if any) of the LUCAS point last selected in InterChange or InterCheck program. This software is built in part of InterChange and InterCheck. It can use LUCAS data only of a specific format and JPG files named according to the naming convention specified in the appropriate LUCAS manuals. LUCAS data must be in ArcView shape file format.

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